well, my name is jordyn. my last name’s maldonado, if you’re feeling specific. i’m an interesting creature, yet there’s not a whole lot to say. i’m young and not particularly attractive; i have bright red hair and very few good friends.


i refer to myself as a novelty item. make of that what you will, although i believe it to be pretty self-explanatory. i’m a turtle on my best day, but i’m generally more of a sloth. it could be said that i’m an acquired taste, but really…odds are that if you dislike me from the start (without having had any preconceived notions), you’ll never grow particularly fond of the species that i am the sole member of.

i’m in love with literature (poetry in particular) and the dead men who wrote it. art, music- any form of creativity…these are in my spectrum of interests as well.

i’m a messiah and i’ll leave it at that, because everyone’s quick to judge. i love being in the forest and sitting on the sidewalk and really being anywhere that’s outdoors, as long as it’s not too hot.

i won’t say that i’m complicated/hard to understand/unique/an individual blah blah blahhh because i don’t care enough nor do i have enough evidence to make those claims. but my first and middle name is jordyn ashlee, which i guess involves some atypical spelling. wow. i am just such a rebellious/nonconformist teenager with an i-don’t-give-a-fuck attitude due to the spelling of my name. hardcore.

but yeahhh anyways if you don’t hate me already, feel free to follow me/check out my other shit…once any of it’s up, of course. and talk! i’m a nice enough gal.

i gotta bunch of other internet account thingys too, if you wanna contact me that way.

here’s my facebook; my formspring;  youtube; and twitter that i very rarely go on. and i think that might be it, but who knows.

i also have another tumblr, with just art and pictures and shit. there’s a pretty decent chance that that’s how you stumbled upon this blog.

this is my more personal side project, but if my psychotic ramblings aren’t really your thing, go check out where the fuck am i?! because i honestly do (in my opinion) post some pretty cool shit. 

alrighty then. bye!

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